How do we know what the earths interior structure is like when we cant see it?

the reason we have a image of what it looks like is because we learned that when an earthquake erupts, certain sound waves come out. Those soundwaves are called p waves and s waves. The p waves go through solids and liquids. s waves go through solids but not liquids.

The way we find out what the earth is made out of with the waves is that the waves wil travel through the earth and if the s waves dissapear that means that portion is solid. if the p waves dissappear that means that the area is liquid.

The pebble in my shoe

Their once was a mix of minerals named pebble. He lived in the depths of my Reebok shoes. He is the oldest person I know. He’s been through so many things. He was once on a surfing ride down the magma of a volcano and got a new look during it . Also, pebble has been everywhere… Every where related to water. The reason is because he was once swimming in a river (which is one of his favorite things to do) and he got waterlogged so bad that he started falling to peices. So atleast one part of him is in over one thousand different places. And since their are many people in those places, Their are mean people too. So one mean person took pebble and rocknapped him and grinded him down until he was particles. Then he got mixed in with another rock which pebble that was beutiful. Her name was Emerald. She was so green it almost made pebbles eyes fall out. So now pebble and emerald are together andformed together by heat from the grind. Pebble is the most wisest person I will ever meet. He has been every where, has surfed the volcanoes, and found the love of his life. His rock cycle has gone perfect! But now since he is done with his rock cycle and is getting very old, he resides in the sole of my shoe.